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“I think that if you’re passionate about what you do - opportunities will float by when you least expect them. Since those moments could happen at any time, my best advice is do your homework. Learn what it is you love. Learn all about it, read as much as possibly you can, be ready because you never know when that special moment is going to be offered to you.” - Julie Andrews

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My heart will be blessed with the sound of music. And I’ll sing once more.

The Sound of Music (1965)

Too much beauty and joy in this photo set! Automatic reblog! 

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Julie Andrews - Could I Leave You (From “Follies”)

This is how it’s done.

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Julie Andrews and first husband, Tony Walton. It’s no wonder they remained friends to this day, even after the divorce. <3

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I actually cannot even

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I don’t suppose I’m used to dancing

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Snap! The job’s a game!

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“I just love to keep myself active, because I’ve always been active. So as long as I do something that I love, I’m happy.”

-Julie Andrews


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listening to a 1993 concert of Julie

saddest thing ever at the line “And I’ll sing once more”


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“I say so at the risk of sounding just like another fan, but she’s a remarkable human being. She really, trully is. Her failings are fun. There’s nothing disastrous about them. As long as we’ve been married I’ve never really found anything that I didn’t like about her.”

Blake Edwards, talking about his wife, Julie Andrews.

So sweet!!!! They really love each other… 

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I love it that in the broadway Mary Poppins when looking for a nanny they say they wish they could someone as high a caliber as miss Andrews (:

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Julie Andrews and Richard Burton in Camelot